Love and Death - Bitten Deluxe

Love and Death - Bitten Deluxe 1.0

Solve puzzles, unlock secrets in Love and Death - Bitten Deluxe
1.0.1 (See all)

Embrace the epic romance of two lost souls and put an end to an unforgiving curse in Love & Death - Bitten Deluxe. Damon is cursed by an evil vampire queen and Victoria is determined to save her village. Together, they devise a plan to combine their causes, but with the queen's relentless malevolence, their partnership, and growing feelings for each other, are soon put in jeopardy.

* Enjoy dual roles in this Hidden Object romance to lift a curse.
* Play a fiery villager by day and an entrancing vampire by night.
* Scour 30 locations across a small town, nearby forest, and castle.
* Solve devious puzzles to unlock secret passages.

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